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Hello and welcome to my page.  This is the part where I spill my heart out in a positive way…

So, what brought me to my work? I’m one of those therapists that has been on their own healing journey. Coming from my fair share of trauma’s I came to understand the after math of doing ‘the work”. I value the results so much that I wanted to share the techniques and workshops to facilitate you on your own journey.  

Before I did the work on myself, my daily wake up call consisted of self loathing,  lack of self worth, shame, fear and no self awareness of my thoughts and emotions. I was basically riddled with PTSD.

So, where did my healing journey begin: It started with my Reiki attunement in 2007. Since then I’ve studied and integrated so many different disciplines. I’ve travelled globally doing 500hr yoga teacher training, Neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, counselling, Reiki levels 1, 2 & 3, meditation, pranayama and the Wim Hof Method teacher training.  

The Results… self love, self worth and self awareness of my inner world. I now wake up ready for this beautiful thing we call Life.  

So however you came to find my page – whether its to have a better understanding of yourself,  your likes, dislikes, mindset, wants & needs… let’s create a life where you’re truly happy and content!

You will find you have come to the right place and I look forward to helping  you on your journey to self discovery. 


What my clients say...

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