Reiki (霊気) is a Japanese practice of energy healing. As a Reiki practitioner I use a technique called palm healing opening my chakras so universal energy can use me as a vessel to work on your energy field.
It works for your emotional, mental and physical healing.



I invite you to join me for a Reiki treatment. I can guarantee a calming and relaxing session. Reiki is a Japanese sacred energy treatment. The word Reiki has that exact meaning. Rei- Sacred and Ki- energy.

For those who haven’t had a Reiki treatment before you will be invited to sit or lay down which ever is most comfortable for you whilst I work in your energy field, we can then clear blockages that are causing more harm than good.

I look forward to experiencing this with you.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a list of questions we are asked frequently.
If you can’t find an answer to your question here please contact us and we will be very happy to help you.

A Reiki treatment is a relaxing treatment. You will be asked to lay down and relax whilst I work around your energy points. How you feel is different with every client, you will feel calmer though. . Il ask that you drink water after the treatment to detox and be kind to yourself. I may say things that resonate with you throughout your treatment.

It’s different for different people. Their will be a shift though. You just have to be kind to yourself after treatment. Maybe you will fell lighter, calmer amore relaxed.

Physical, mental and emotional ailments.

No, it’s a very safe treatment. Only positive shifts can occur with this treatment.

Yes. It’s working with energy and beings from another dimension. So yes its a spiritual practice. A healing one.

There is very little to no talking during sessions, which typically last between 60 and 90 minutes. An essential piece is the presence and state of being of the Reiki practitioner, whose training also includes ways to support their own “grounding.”

Even one single Reiki session can make a difference; however a course of regular treatments may be more effective. These may be weekly, fortnightly or less often depending on the needs of the individual.

Reiki triggers your body’s natural healing process, which means you will start a detoxification. Water helps to flush away these toxins and helps you have more energy and alertness when the healing process makes you feel tired and sleepy.

If you fall asleep during your Reiki treatment it’s an indication that you are able to let go of your mind and body and experience deep healing.

When chakras are blocked, the related functions and feelings will be adversely affected. Reiki clears blockages that disrupt energy flow, allowing healing to begin at a cellular level. Some of the areas reiki can help improve are listed below with the chakras they are closely aligned to.

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